International Centre for Chemical Safety and Security(ICCSS

China Petroleum and Chemical Industry Federation(CPCIF


Committee of International Exchange and Foreign Companies of CPCIF

China Controlled Chemicals Association,CCCA

Small and Medium Enterpriess Service Center of CPCIF

Beijing Shixinxinghua International Consulting Co.,Ltd.

General Information

    To promote the safe and orderly development of international chemical industry, push forward the exchange and cooperation of national and international organizations in the field of chemical safety, establish a mutually-beneficial win-win global safety and security collaboration mechanism, and jointly address national and regional safety and security issues and challenges brought by the chemical industry,“2017 the 2nd Global Summit on Chemical Safety and Security (CHEMSS 2017) & Global Chemical Safety and Security Exhibition”, which is jointly organized by International Centre for Chemical Safety and Security and China Petroleum and Chemical Industry Federation, will be convened in Shanghai on 19-21 September, 2017.

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