Summit Topics

1)The status quo of global chemical safety and security and consensus on international multilateral cooperation in chemicals safety and security;
2)Security liability insurance of Hazardous chemicals-The opportunities and challenges of insurance of hazardous chemicals industry;
3)New media + traditional media: universal popularity of chemical safety knowledge and safety awareness (improvement of talent cultivation and management system of the chemical industry);
4 ) Chemical security challenges related to overseas investment of multinational companies;
5 ) Analysis of chemical safety precautions and major accidents in the context of chemical enterprises’ relocation to industrial parks;
6) The challenges of chemical safety and security amid soaring e-commerce growth today (the application of big data in the field of chemical logistics);
7)Water transport, land transport, air transport and rail transport - safety and security issues in the transport and logistics of chemicals;
8 ) Chemical rescue and treatment: emergency rescue methods and treatment of wastes and residues (harmless treatment of war chemical weapons);
9 ) Informatization and intelligence: the promotion of intelligent technology and equipment (robots, unmanned aerial vehicles and so on) that improves the level of chemical safety and security scientifically and systematically in the field of chemical safety and security;
10)Safety issues of laboratory-related chemicals;
11)Development of industry standards for hazardous chemicals.

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