Exhibition Scope

   1.National, Provincial and Municipal Pavilions:state key laboratories; scientific research institutes; national, provincial and municipal pavilions; chemical parks; port authorities etc.;

   2.Large Petrochemical Enterprise Achievement Exhibition:multinational enterprises and large-scale petrochemical enterprises showcase their major scientific research achievements and development achievements in safety and security filed in recent years;

    3.Production Safety:production process safety management technology and equipment; detection and protection system of toxic chemicals and fire disaster, gas-protection equipment of toxic chemicals, various types of sound and light early warning facilities and safety signs;

  4.Warehousing Logistics:Online monitoring technology and equipment for chemicalstorage; information systems of chemical storage and transportation process; security assurance technologies, equipment, internet of things, and software and solutions for chemicals transportation logistics and transportation; transportation machines and vehicles of hazardous chemicals ; logistics service providers for water, land, air and rail transportation of hazardous chemicals;

   5.Intelligence:intelligent equipment and inspection systems; intelligent safety monitoring systems for hazardous chemicals; industrial robots, unmanned aerial vehicles and other technology and equipment enhancing chemical safety and intelligent security level;

  6.Emergency Rescue:Mobile emergency management systems; emergency simulation systems; video conferencing systems; search and emergency rescue medical equipment; foam fire-fighting facilities; emergency fire engines; portable emergency fire equipment, small mobile emergency command systems etc.;

   7.Urban Security:Anti-terrorism; fire-fighting; precursor chemicals regulatory and monitoring systems; chemical weapons monitoring systems and other technology and equipment.

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