Exhibition Fee

 1、Booth Charge

     International exhibition area:230$ /m2 for raw space, 2300$/standard booth.

 2、Proceeding Advertisements

     Cover100000¥:Flyleaf:20000¥;Inside front cover:16000¥;Inside back cover:13000¥;

Back cover:30000¥;Inside page in color:8000¥/Page

 3、Advertising Services (part):

     Visiting ticket:10000¥/10000 copiesBalloon:10000¥/balloon;Inflatable Arch:15000¥/arch

Outdoor Flag:2400¥/flag;Outdoor Movable Board:20000¥/board;Movable Billboard indoor:16000¥/billboard

Note: Please consult the Organizing Committee for more advertising items.

 4、Conference:during the exhibition, the Organizing Committee is to assist domestic and foreign exhibitors in holding promotion conferences and technical seminars in the conference room. For more information, please contact us.

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