General Information

       To promote the safe and orderly development of international chemical industry, pushforward the exchange and cooperation of national and international organizations in the field of chemical safety, establish a mutually-beneficial win-win global safety and security collaboration mechanism, and jointly address national and regional safety and security issues and challenges brought by the chemical industry,“2017 the 2nd Global Summit on Chemical Safety and Security (CHEMSS 2017) & Global Chemical Safety and Security Exhibition”, which is jointly organized by International Centre for Chemical Safety and Security and China Petroleum and Chemical Industry Federation, will be convened inShanghai on 19-21 September, 2017.

         The Summit is the first grand event in the world that brings together international organizations, governments, industry and academia, being dedicated to safety and security solutions in the field of chemical industry supply chain and aiming to create the most authoritative interactive platform for international chemical safety and security industry.

        The 2017 Global Chemical Safety and Security Exhibition will be held concurrently during the summit to further strengthen exchanges and cooperation of domestic and foreign governments, enterprises, and scientific research institutions, bring together various parties ’ most advanced solutions to improve chemical safety and security, promote the transformation of advanced experience and process for safety management of dangerous chemicals, and enhance the promotion and application of new process, new technology and new equipment in fields such as emergency rescue, warehousing logistics, intelligent technology and equipment and urban security. The expo, with an exhibition area of 25,000 square meters, expected to attract over 600 exhibitors and more than 50,000 visitors, will intensively exhibit each relative region of China of safety and security achievements, ports , logistics and various other related industries of chemical engineering.

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